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Do You Suspect Water Damage Has Caused Mold to Grow in Your Home?

Water damage can lead to serious issues in your home, including mold growth. We Rescue You offers mold inspection and removal services for residents of the Dayton, Columbus and Cincinnati, OH areas. Mold can cause serious health problems. Luckily, with our mold removal services, you won't have to worry about the mold spreading.

We take extra care to remove mold and treat your damaged property. Reach out today to schedule mold inspection services and keep your family safe.

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Where can mold grow?

Mold is a harmful result of untreated water damage. Mold can grow just about anywhere, but it can commonly be found in:

  • Wall voids
  • Attics
  • Basements
  • Carpets

Call us at 513-239-1051 (Cincinnati, OH), 937-306-4186 (Dayton, OH) or 614-653-3571 (Columbus, OH) today to schedule mold removal services. We also offer a three-year labor warranty for your peace of mind.

5 signs you have a mold problem

One of the trickiest issues with mold in your home is knowing that it's present. Frequently, mold takes hold in isolated, dark areas of a home, like vents, crawlspaces and attics. This means you may feel the effects of mold before ever seeing it. You may want to schedule mold inspection services if you've been dealing with:

  1. Irritated skin
  2. A sore throat
  3. Sinus headaches
  4. Difficulty breathing
  5. Coughing or sneezing

If you've been experiencing these symptoms of mold exposure, rely on us for a mold inspection. We'll examine the hard-to-reach areas of your property thoroughly and alert you to any potential mold problems. You can then count on us for mold removal services. Contact us now to schedule thorough mold removal services.